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Premiere Attractions

UH’s College of the Arts Generating New, Innovative Works


Message From The President

Our ever-changing campus is about to undergo another major transformation, courtesy of an enlightened $20 million gift.

Joshua Freed

Appointed to the UH System Board of Regents by Governor Greg Abbott, new student regent Joshua Freed talks double majoring, student representation and balancing life.

Welcome to the Powerhouse

A Culture Of Champions

The pursuit of perfection fervently drives UH student-athletes in both sports and academics. Whether they’re training at 7 a.m., participating in classes taught by industry pioneers and thought leaders or playing on the field until 10 p.m., they’re shattering records each moment of the day. They’re also breaking new ground in academic achievement with the highest average GPAs in school history. Simultaneously gaining knowledge about today’s most important academic concepts while enhancing speed and accuracy in their sport, student-athletes always demonstrate the tenacity to perform above and beyond expectations. They push past known borders to discover new horizons. They invent new moves and new plays while reinforcing their capability to excel scholastically. UH powers athletics to great feats as we also cement history with our unparalleled sports programs, booming scholarly successes and heart-racing moments. We’re building a culture of champions.

Making an Impact

Arte Público Press Turns The Page On 35 Years

The nation’s oldest publisher of contemporary and recovered Hispanic literature celebrates 35 years.

Going Public: Training Next Generation of Leaders

The New Hobby School of Public Affairs prepares students for policy research and analysis.

Teaching UH Hospitality in the Tourism Capital

The University of Houston’s Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management creates a campus in the heart of downtown San Antonio preparing grads for hospitality management careers.

Engineering Comes To Katy

The University of Houston is now offering graduate engineering classes in Katy.

Going Viral

Campus communicators utilize social media to be part of the conversation with students.

Gulf Coast Journal Turns 30

The prestigious student run publication, housed at UH turns 30.

A Cougar’s First Tradition

An extended orientation program that helps incoming freshmen bond while building lasting relationships.

The Final Four Experience

The Super Four Experience gives students firsthand exposure to planning, management, execution and event logistics meetings for the Final Four and the upcoming 2017 NFL Championship Game.

Lowe and Behold

Celebrated artist, social activist and first faculty member for the new College of Arts.

Remarkable Rebound

A generous gift from the chairman of the University of Houston System Board of Regents leads the way for UH’s basketball arena transformation.

Campus Affairs

Meant to be Chef

Celebrity chef brings star quality meals to the University of Houston.

The Hard Stuff

Astronaut Scott Kelly talks space travel, discovering potentials and Captain Kirk vs. Mr. Spock.

Learning & Leading

Home Court Advantages

Houston men’s basketball proves to be unstoppable while making way for new developments.

Touching Lives and Making a Difference

The University of Houston School of Nursing is in the top five percent of nation.

UH Cooking Up Real World Opportunities

Serving up learning experiences, one dish at a time.

Onward, to Mars

UH Students work with NASA to recreate a vacuum chamber for future space missions.

Innovation & Insight

Human Health in Outer Space

UH experts team up with NASA to research effects of living in space.

A Lab In Your Smartphone

UH PhD students are advancing medical diagnosis and its accessibility.

Ready, Set, Zap

Do gold nanodisks hold the key to managing antibiotic-resistant bacteria? A UH research team is on the case.

On The Faculty

Staging the Classroom

To teach or not to teach…a contemporary approach to teaching Shakespeare.

Introducing Syed Ahmed

Get to know the leader of the Superconductor Manufacturing Institute.

Verdict In

John Mixon, Professor Emeritus talks law and over 60 years of inspiration.

The Debate at UH

The University of Houston became the center of political theatre when more than 600 journalists converged on campus for a national presidential candidates’ debate in February.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were among the candidates who took to the stage of the famed Moores Opera House for a lively discussion about immigration, policy and economic issues.

Thousands of members of the Cougar community participated in political programming and activities, and hundreds of student-volunteers received a rare behind-the-scenes look into politics and the production of a nationally televised event.

The Debate at UH focused an international spotlight on the University, and at a pivotal point in the election cycle, UH took center stage.

Alumni & Friends

Designing a Brighter Future

ID+ and Xtralight Manufacturing make strides in sustainability at the Hines College

Class Notes

News and announcements from UH Alumni

Demetrius Pearson (Ed.D. ’90)

How a 2 year plan turned into 34 years of dedication.

Alan Gershenhorn (’82)

The distinguished alum talks about how a cross-country drive lead him to the University of Houston.

Last Look

Inspiration is evoked when you walk past the amazing mural displayed on the Graduate College of Social Work building. The four-story painting was created by world-renowned artist, eL Seed. Mixing contemporary graffiti with historic Arabic text, also known as Calligraffiti, the French Tunisian artist created the mural for CounterCurrent, a five-day festival of bold experimental art organized by the University of Houston Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts. Patrons witnessed remarkable student performances during the event and listened to the artist speak about incorporating Sam Houston’s quote, “Knowledge is the food of genius, and my son, let no opportunity escape you to treasure up knowledge,” into the mural. “It would be self-centered for me to go places and not make the work relevant to the place; that’s why also I don’t sign my pieces. It’s a way of giving back,” said Seed.