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$1.5 Million Grant Helping Researchers Understand How Students Learn Algebra         
Researchers from the University of Houston and Vanderbilt University will conduct a four-year study devoted to understanding factors connected with how students learn algebra.

Evolutionary ‘Winners’ And ‘Losers’ Revealed in Collaborative Study
In a study that literally analyzed competing bacteria fighting it out to the death, a UH researcher and his colleagues identified evolutionary “winners” and “losers.”

Team Hopes to Cut Years Off Development Time of New Antibiotics
Eliminating tens of thousands of manual lab experiments, two UH professors are working toward a method to cut the development time of new antibiotics.

Professor Creating Color-Coded MRIs
A UH engineering professor is developing a new class of contrasting agent that will make magnetic resonance imaging machine (MRI) images easier to read. At the heart of this research are iron nanostructures that will provide something entirely new to MRIs: color.

UH Receives $1 Million Grant to Test Technology on Diesel-Powered School Buses
Diesel fuel tends to conjure up images of smoke-belching vehicles sputtering down the road, but a UH research team is trying to improve the fuel’s soiled reputation in the transportation world.

Researcher Wins NIH Grant to Test Vaccines For Chikungunya Virus
A UH engineering professor has received a grant to develop a new method of testing potential vaccines and will use this approach to fight a virus identified as an emerging bioterrorism threat.

Cougar Fund Students Among Best in Region
Two teams of four graduate students from the Cougar Fund at the UH C.T. Bauer College of Business were among the best in two recent regional competitions. The students placed in the top three spots in both the Texas Investment Program Symposium Portfolio Competition and the CFA Institute Investment Research Challenge.