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    A Celebration of Excellence Carnegie and Beyond

    UH Achieves Tier One Status! Now What?

    If you look closely at the University of Houston’s official seal, you will see a winged hourglass in the center and, above that, an inscription. It says: “In Tempore.” If your Latin is a bit rusty, that means “In Time.”

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    Achieving Excellence

    Photo Collage

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    Simply the Best

    Princeton Review Names UH as One of America's Top Colleges for Undergraduates.

    Read all about it — the University of Houston is one of the nation’s top schools for undergraduate education.

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    History in the Making

    UH Builds A Tier One University One Brick at a Time.

    When you notice all of the construction in progress at the University of Houston, you’re witnessing history in the making.

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    One Big Happy Family

    Faculty-in-Residence connects with Students.

    “I’m hopeful that students will see the faculty-in-residence position as an illustration that life in the freshman residence hall is not separate from academic life. They’re actually one in the same,” Ramos said. “Living on campus means that your entire life is about academics, about being a student. It’s a unique and special time, and we don’t want to squander that opportunity to learn and grow.”

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    Not a Dirty Little Secret

    UH's Latest Tier One Research Facility, the 'Cleanroom,' Supports Academia, Industry.

    One of the newest research centers on the University of Houston campus is the Nanofabrication Facility, which boasts a state-of-the-art “cleanroom” that is virtually free of dust and other contaminants and has strict controls on humidity.

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    Icon Job

    'Four Lies' Statue and Codex Add Up to a Playful Puzzle.

    When the artists-cum-comedians known as The Art Guys unveiled their “Statue of Four Lies” at UH, many viewers found themselves charmed ... and challenged.