The University of Houston Magazine

Message from the President

President KhatorAs this FY2010 annual report boldly declares, we are celebrating a banner year at the University of Houston. But what words, exactly, should be written on that banner?

We most certainly want to acknowledge that 2010 paved the way for the Tier One recognition that we received in early 2011 from the Carnegie Foundation. That distinction confirmed UH’s astonishing progress in joining the ranks of the nation’s top research universities.

But there is more to be said on our banner.

As important as our prominence as a research institution is, this university strives for overall excellence. Excellence in forging new relations with community and commerce ... In developing a workforce that will compete successfully in a global economy

  • ... In providing the cultural vitality that a great society must have
  • ... In preparing a new generation of leaders to guide our people
  • ... And, above all else, in offering the resources that allow our students to succeed.

We remain dedicated to these objectives. So, I’m gratified to see that in 2010, as this annual report reflects, we continue to pursue them with increasing zeal.

For me, at the conclusion of my first three years at UH, 2010 was a tipping point. Our initial idealism began to tilt dramatically toward tangible results. We realized this was no longer just an ambitious dream shimmering in the distance. This was a year when our faith in this university’s potential for excellence was replaced with a conviction that this excellence is being realized.

Before, we simply believed that UH can be a truly great university. In 2010, we confirmed it.

Renu Khator
UH System Chancellor and UH President