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UH Receives $1.2 Million Grant for Alternative Energy Research

The University of Houston received a $1.2 million grant from the Office of Naval Research to help design the next generation of technologies for the alternative energy industry.

$1 Million Gift Boosts Teacher Prep Program

A $1 million gift from Kitty King Powell will help UH’s teachHouston program combat the national shortage of qualified science and math teachers.

Researchers Helping Pentagon Build Mind-Controlled Prosthetics

University of Houston researchers are helping the Pentagon build reliable mind-controlled prosthetic devices that military and civilian amputees can use for the rest of their lives.

UH Moment: Hobby Center for Public Policy

The Hobby Center for Public Policy serves the Houston community as an impartial research organization within the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Houston.

Biochemist Works to Revolutionize Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Preethi Gunaratne, assistant professor of biology and biochemistry, has earned several high-profile research grants to study a class of tiny genetic molecules known as microRNAs, hoping to pinpoint those that could unleash the body’s natural cancer-fighting agents.

UH Moment: Emerging as Game Design Powerhouse

UH is continuing to build its reputation as a game design powerhouse in national and international competitions. The skills students are learning now gives them the cutting-edge skills needed to break into the highly competitive video gaming industry.