The University of Houston Magazine

Message from the Regents

Mica MosbacherI’m proud to see that this issue of The University of Houston Magazine celebrates the continuing progress UH is making toward Tier One status. In particular, the university’s nationally recognized, award-winning faculty and programs are being saluted, along with such fundamental UH strengths as our diversity and community engagement.

Each of those elements plays a vital role in helping UH achieve the levels of excellence and success that are required of a Tier One institution.

While it’s certainly gratifying to acknowledge the outstanding accomplishments of our stellar researchers and teachers and their nationally ranked programs, I also am reminded of the poet John Donne’s observation that “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main.” It’s important to note that whatever individual successes may be in the spotlight — and UH is indeed fortunate to have many — they are part of an overall effort. Such seemingly singular achievements, we should remember, are almost always the result of considerable collegial support, guidance and inspiration that may not be apparent but is no less valuable or indispensable.

Just as it’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child, I would say it takes a campus community to build a Tier One university.

And our campus community has been doing just that. Interestingly, when you read UH’s Mission Statement, you may notice that nowhere in this official declaration of the university’s purpose, responsibilities and aspirations will you actually find the phrase “Tier One.”

That may seem surprising because this institution’s commitment to achieving Tier One status is now such a fundamental and clearly recognized goal. Of course, precisely defining “Tier One” always presents a challenge since there are different definitions and designations involved. But I believe we all agree that our Tier One objectives are fully in keeping with — to use the words of the Mission Statement — becoming “the nation’s premier public university in an urban setting” and applying our “expertise to the challenges facing the local, state, national and international communities.”

Achieving Tier One may not be mentioned in the Mission Statement, but it is certainly our mission.

Michele (Mica) McCutchen Mosbacher
Secretary, UH System Board of Regents