The University of Houston Magazine

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    Building Blocks

    People, Programs Paving the Path to Tier One.

    By helping to attract high-achieving students and raising the university’s overall profile, top programs and stellar faculty help UH obtain recognition from the organizations that bestow Tier One status. They also provide inspirational models for other individuals and units at UH to study and possibly replicate their success.

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    Major Initiatives

    Three Programs Capitalize on UH's Strengths.

    As the University of Houston builds its reputation, President Renu Khator has prioritized three major initiatives that she believes will provide the clearest pathway to Tier One. Those initiatives, which are the focus of many of the university’s efforts, best capitalize on UH’s existing strengths, as well as the strengths of the city of Houston.

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    Faculty With Distinction

    Award-winning Professors Help Drive Tier One Efforts.

    We are pleased to list the following University of Houston faculty with distinction based on fellowships, prizes and awards recognized by the Association of American Universities (AAU) and/or Top American Research Universities (TARU), used to determine Tier One status; UH’s own faculty awards such as the Esther Farfel Award, the highest award accorded a UH faculty member; the Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished Chair and Professorship and University Professorship; the M.D. Anderson Professorship and the John and Rebecca Moores Professor Program.

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    Material Advantages

    UH Researchers Work to Make Our Lives More Efficient.

    From the vehicles we drive to the computers we use to the electrical transmission lines that power our homes, materials are used to build the mundane and the extraordinary pieces of our existence. The far-reaching field of advanced materials science is one of major significance at the University of Houston, where researchers are involved in a variety of projects ranging from fundamental science to revolutionary applications.

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    UH Welcomes All Backgrounds

    As Campus Changes, Diversity Remains a Focus.

    As the UH campus grows in size and stature, the changes have not diminished the university’s cultural landscape. UH remains the second most ethnically diverse major research institution in the nation, and the most ethnically diverse higher education institution in Texas.