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Oliver Rivera

Cougars Make an IMPACT,
Thanks to Your Support

Gifts have an impact on UH programs every day, providing today’s UH students with additional encouragement and financial support to thrive. By contributing, alumni show they care about UH students and a world-class UH education.

UH graduates give for many reasons—to express thanks to former mentors, to give back to the institution that provided a strong start, to honor cherished memories, to increase opportunity for today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders, or to be part of something big. These gifts publicly demonstrate pride in the University of Houston—its students, faculty, and programs—and a commitment to the future.

To thank alumni who supported UH with a gift this past fall, some of today’s UH students have created a special video message—a genuine expression of thanks for those alumni who give . . . and an inspiration for others who will consider future support.

These students are hopeful that all alumni will view their video messages.
Oliver Rivera -
Jake Ebner -

For more information, contact us at the University of Houston, Office of Annual Giving, 307 McElhinney Hall, Houston, Texas 77204-5016, 1-877-755-0559, or at