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Message from the Regents

The University of Houston of my college years the
mid-1960s was a very different place than it is today.

Jim Wise, UHS Board of RegentsWe had just become a public institution, there were a lot fewer buildings, and our research programs were in their infancy.

Today's UH is a true metropolitan university—home to students from 137 nations, multimillion-dollar research programs that are finding practical solutions to modern society’s most complex challenges, and an academic infrastructure that offers our students world-class educational opportunities.

The best, however, is yet to come. Today, our alma mater is poised to take the next leap to top-tier national status. A president with a clear vision on how to take us there is at the helm. And the momentum continues to build, with the recent announcement of the hiring of Jan-Åke Gustafsson with his fifteen-member research team and the news that the Carnegie Foundation has awarded UH its prestigious “Community Engagement” classification.

A significant factor in UH becoming the state’s next top-tier university will be the investment our legislators are willing to make.

I invite you to join Board of Regents Chairman Welcome Wilson’s “Chairman’s Brigade” to show your support for UH and the future of Texas. To find out more about this initiative or to join with the hundreds who have signed up already to take our message to Austin, please send your e-mail to

Jim P. Wise (’66)
UH System Board of Regents