The University of Houston Magazine

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    Campus Evolution

    Building Boom Transforms UH Landscape

    Before the first brick was laid for the university’s first building, the 110 swampy acres donated for the permanent campus had to be drained and landscaped by 250 part-time national Youth Administration Workers. But once completed in 1939, the Roy Gustav Cullen Memorial Building was an Art Deco wonder, with 21 classrooms, library space, a large lecture hall and the first air-conditioning system on a college campus in the United States.

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    UH Arts

    Igniting Creativity and Innovation

    UH Arts collaborates with organizations across Houston, making an imprint in the local community.

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    Exceptional Cougars

    Cougar Chorale Wins Big

    The Moores Concert Chorale was the only choir at the festival to emerge as a finalist in all of its competitions, which deserves a standing ovation.

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    "Rhoades" to Glory

    Mack Rhoades has all the attributes of a leader — a drive for perfection and an expectation of excellence that quickly put his name on the map nationally in athletics circles.

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    Tier One

    TRIP & NRUF Bring UH Closer to Tier One

    Tier One at the University of Houston took one giant step forward this summer. After months of careful behind-the-scenes work, our Houston-area legislators collaborated with state leaders during the legislative session to put UH firmly on the track to achieving Tier-One status..

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    Research Advances

    New Energy Research Park Energizes March to Tier One

    Establishing the University of Houston’s new Energy Research Park on land near the Gulf Freeway that once housed Schlumberger’s global headquarters seems almost fated.