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UH MAES Event Sign In Form

Feel free to sign up for any of the following events, provided that you will attend. MAES provides many types of Volunteering Events so use the filters on the left-hand side to find and event that you are intersted in. If you feel there is an error on this page, feel free to email the Webmaster @ uh.maes.webmaster@gmail.com and in the subject line write the problem, Thank you! - Webmaster (5/7/2018).

Icon Key

If you are wondering what the icons that come out behind the dates mean, here is a small key to clarify what the event is classified as in regards to officer.

VP of Operations
business_center & contact_mail

VP of Events
card_giftcard & school

VP of Outreach
group & face

restaurant_menu & local_atm

party_mode & content_paste

If you want to know how much these events are worth, Click Here for Bill of Points.