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Summer Employment Policy

Updated January 26, 2012

On occasion, some professional summer theatre employment can create conflicts with training. While the School of Theatre & Dance wants to strongly encourage students to work in the profession, these benefits must be carefully weighed against the training offered in our classes and productions. Any conflicts with classes and productions must be minimized.

Should auditions for summer theatre work conflict with any classes, students must notify faculty of the conflict before applying for an audition slot. Though some concessions may be possible, any absences may be considered unexcused and may count against a student's final grade.

If any offers of summer theatre employment conflict in any way with classes, auditions or rehearsals at UH, the situation will be considered on a case by case basis, including consideration of the student's status in the program and overall progress and discipline. Specific details of the offer must be presented to the appropriate Head of Performance who will consult with the Performance faculty to reach a decision regarding the conflict. This consideration process may take as much as one week.

Should the request be approved, there may be additional requirements which may include:

Online submission of a recorded audition, including monologues, songs, and readings from productions which are being cast.

Completion of any class assignment by a due date determined by the professor.

Any additional elements deemed necessary for the student, the professor and the ensemble.

In addition, though absences may be considered excused, additional absences over the course of the semester may be considered unexcused, resulting in a grade reduction.

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