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M.A. in Theatre Studies

The M.A. degree program in Theatre Studies at UH is recommended for individuals with a strong interest in the scholarly aspects of theatre—particularly dramaturgy, theatre history, and performance studies. The program is ideal for students interested in going on to pursue the Ph.D. or working as a professional dramaturg. A select number of students are admitted to the M.A. program each year, ensuring a high degree of individual contact with faculty. Please email Alison Christy for additional information.

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 The degree is made up of 36 credit hours, distributed as follows:

FIRST SEMESTER (fall)—9 credits

  • Performance Studies Seminar—3 credits
  • Dramaturgy for the 21st Century—3 credits
  • Elective—3 credits

SECOND SEMESTER (spring)—9 credits

  • Dramatic Theory & Criticism—3 credits
  • Selected Periods in Theatre History—3 credits
  • Elective—3 credits

THIRD SEMESTER (fall)—9 credits

  • Memory in Performance—3 credits
  • Landscape of Theatre Scholarship—3 credits
  • Elective—3 credits

FOURTH SEMESTER (spring)—9 credits

  • Thesis—6 credits
  • Selected Periods in Theatre History—3 credits