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Broken Horizon

Written and Directed by Adam Noble
Based on the slow tempo work of Shogo Ohta
Studio 208
September 23, 24, 25 at 8pm and 24, 25 at 2pm

When all the structures that once held humanity together have crumbled, and civilization is only a distant memory, what remains? Wandering the wastelands, scanning a bleak horizon, what keeps disparate travellers moving forward? Drawn together by the trickle of life in a small urban oasis, surrounded by desolation, can conscience and compassion survive after society has eroded?

An homage to the life work of the late Shogo Ohta (1939-2007), this avant garde movement exploration fights against what Ohta called the “new religion” of the world: speed. Performed in extreme slow tempo, without words, this radical theatrical experience lays bare the performers, and the audience.

Adult Themes (Simulated Violence, Sexual Content), Partial Nudity