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About Us

Founded in September 1998, the Preparatory and Continuing Studies (PCS) program facilitates exemplary music education in the form of private instruction, professional development, and community outreach. PCS is a non-credit, non-degree granting program serving more than 750 students annually from throughout the state of Texas and the greater Houston area. Instructors are Moores School of Music faculty and graduate students, area music specialists, and guest clinicians from around the country. Students range in age and ability from toddlers and preschoolers to senior citizens, and beginners to professional musicians.

Our Mission

PCS is predicated on the belief that the study and appreciation of music enhances intelligent thinking, provides musical understanding, and contributes to a lifetime activity of music making. Moreover, music study increases the quality of life and nourishes the human spirit. Our goal is to make music available and affordable to all individuals regardless of age, race, ethnic origin, or financial means. Our purpose is fourfold:

  1. to serve as a complement to public and private school programs by providing a variety of music instruction at all levels;
  2. to serve as a resource for music educators, church musicians, and performers
  3. to serve as a resource for adults with amateur interests in music; and
  4. to serve as a training school for exceptionally gifted pre-collegiate musicians.