Moores Opera House - University of Houston
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Moores Opera House

The 800 seat Moores Opera House is arguably the finest university opera production facility in the country. Opened in 1997, it was designed to emulate the acoustic space of an old European opera house while providing the modern equipment demanded in today’s world. Boasting an enormous orchestra pit, full fly capacity and state of the art sound equipment, it allows performances of the largest operas while still maintaining a sense of intimacy. It gives young voices a chance to develop properly by not subjecting them to the demands of an acoustically unforgiving large hall. Featuring a movable, flexible-size orchestra shell, it also serves as the performance space for our orchestra, wind ensembles, choral groups, and chamber music. Visually it is dominated by a spectacular installation by artist Frank Stella that attracts visitors from around the globe.

Driving Directions

Map - Directions to Moores School of Music

To reach the University of Houston from I-45 southbound, take the Cullen exit. From I-45 northbound take the Elgin/Cullen/Lockwood exit. Use UH Entrance 16, off Cullen to reach the Moores School of Music building and the Moores Opera House.

For more information about the opera house, please contact:

Kristin Johnson, Manager
Moores Opera House