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About The Moores Society

susan-snider-osterberg.jpgThe Moores Society is the philanthropic volunteer organization of the Moores School of Music in the Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts, University of Houston.  The Moores Society is in its fourth decade and I’m honored to chair this grand and wonderful organization.  As passionate music lovers, Moores Society members and donors provide funding for scholarships and special projects for the Moores School of Music helping to place the national and international student performers in a challenging and supportive environment with caring artist-teachers. This environment facilitates stimulating learning and collaboration opportunities.  The Moores School of Music is among the largest accredited schools of music in the nation with nearly 600 under-graduate and graduate students.  Our students embody the educational mission of the School,  that of music education as well as performance experience. The School’s alliances with Houston’s major arts organizations, the Houston Symphony, Houston Grand Opera, Society for the Performing Arts, and others, ensure that the School is one of the most active, dynamic and artistically vital contributors to Houston’s robust and diverse arts scene.

Please join us for a year of expanded, exciting and varied Moores Society events filled with beautiful, vibrant, sometimes experimental and always grand and most enjoyable music.

Susan Snider Osterberg

President, The Moores Society