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Admissions Information for 2022

Admissions application/audition portal opens Dec. 6.

Submission deadline: EXTENDED Tuesday, March 1, 2022


Application link

Recorded Audition Information

The Texas Music Festival Orchestral Institute will accept applications and pre-recorded video auditions online only through our Acceptd application portal.  Applicants who wait to apply until the deadline (11:59 p.m. CST on March 1, 2022) may experience siginificant delays when uploading their audition materials.

PLEASE NOTE: All auditions should be submitted as a single video file (audio-only files not accepted) and must present all audition repertoire in the order listed,  in one continuous and unedited performance. If submitting excerpts on auxiliary instrument(s), you may pause (do NOT stop) the recording to prepare your instrument, but the submitted audition file should be only one file. Please ensure that your audition conforms strictly to these requirements.

2022 Preliminary Audition Requirements

Each instrument requires specific excerpts and solo requirements. Solos should be recorded without accompaniment.

Specific excerpts may be listed for piccolo, English horn, E-flat clarinet, bass clarinet and contrabassoon.  Auxiliary instrument auditions are not required for the preliminary auditions.  However, it is expected that auxiliary duties will rotate in each section: 

• All flute participants are expected to bring a piccolo, if you have one. 

• All oboe participants are expected to bring an English horn, if you have one, with reeds and the equipment needed to make new English horn reeds. Bring a device for supporting the weight of the instrument, if needed. 

• In addition to B-flat and A instruments, all clarinet participants are also expected to bring E-flat and bass clarinet instruments (if possible) and/or mouthpieces, if you have one. 

• All bassoon participants are expected to bring a contrabassoon, if available, with contrabassoon reeds and reed-making equipment. Bring a device for supporting the weight of the contrabassoon, if needed.



Violin  (printable version)

1. Solo: Exposition from the first movement of a standard concerto

2. Strauss: Don Juan
    Beginning – end of first page

3. Mozart: Symphony No. 39
    Movement II: Beginning – measure 27 (no repeats)

4. Mendelssohn: Scherzo from  A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Beginning – 7 measures after Letter D


Viola   (printable version)

1. Solo: Exposition from the first movement of a standard concerto

2. Mendelssohn: Scherzo from A Midsummer Night’s Dream
       Beginning to Letter D

3. Strauss: Don Juan
       Beginning to 9 measures after Letter B (omit pizzicato measures)

4. Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra
       IV: Fugue subject — measures 300-317, top line only


Cello   (printable version)

1. Exposition from the first movement of any standard concerto

2. Beethoven: Symphony No. 5
       a. Movement II: measures 1 – 10; 49 – 59; 98 – 106
       b. Mvt. III: measures 140 – 213 (no repeat)

3. Brahms: Symphony No 2
       Mvt. II: beginning to end of measure 15

4. Mozart: Symphony No. 35
       Mvt. IV: measures 134-197

5. Strauss: Don Juan
       Beginning – 5 measures before letter D


Double Bass  (printable version)

1. One movement from a Bach Cello Suite (no repeats)


2. First movement from one of the following concertos:
    Bottesini Concerto No. 2 (beginning to measure 58)
    Dragonetti Concerto (beginning to measure 57)
    Dittersdorf Concerto No. 2 (beginning to measure 98)
    Koussevitzky Concerto (beginning to measure 77)
    Vanhal Concerto (beginning to measure 83)

3. Beethoven Symphony No. 5
       Movement III: Beginning – 5 measures after Rehearsal A

4. Brahms Symphony No. 1
       Movement I: Letter E – second ending

5. Mozart Symphony No. 40
       Movement I: measures 114 – 138

6. Strauss Ein Heldenleben
       Rehearsal Number 9 – Rehearsal Number 11




1. Solo: Choice of Mozart Concerto in G or D, first movement exposition only

Flute 1 excerpts*
2. Ravel: Bolero
       Opening solo

3. Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis
       Movement III – Andantino: 5 bars before letter C to the end

4. Stravinsky: Petrouchka
       Cadenza from rehearsal 60 to 61

5. Saint-Saëns: Carnival of the Animals
       No. 10: Volière

*All excerpts can be found in Orchestral Excerpts for Flute, pub. Theodore Presser

Piccolo excerpts*
1. Rossini: Overture to Semiramide
       a. 5 bars after letter G to letter H
       b. 14 bars after letter T to letter U

2. Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra
       a. Movement III – Elegia
       b. mm. 107 to 112
       c. mm. 123 to the end

*All excerpts can be found in Orchestral Excerpts for Piccolo, pub. Theodore Presser


Oboe  (printable version)

1. Mozart: Concerto for Oboe in C Major, K.314
       Movement I: Exposition

2. Strauss: Don Juan
        a. Beginning – Letter B 
        b. 4 measures after Letter L – 1 measure after Letter N

3. Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra
        a. Movement II: measures 25 –44, &
        b.     pick up to measure 181 – measure 197
        c. Movement IV: pick up to measure 5 – measure 12, &
              d.     pick up to measure 33 – measure 40, &
              e.     pick up to measure 62 - measure 69

English horn

Excerpt (included in the printable Oboe Preliminary Excerpts above):
4. Dvorak: Symphony No. 9
        Movement II: measures 7 – 18


Clarinet   (printable version)

1. Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A major, K.662
       Movement I: measures 57 – 98

2. Beethoven: Symphony No. 8
       Movement III: measure 48 – end of movement (no repeat)

3. Mendelssohn: Scherzo from  A Midsummer Night's Dream
       Beginning – Rehearsal Letter B

4. Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra
       a. Movement II: measures 45 – 57
       b. Movement IV: measures 76 – 89

5. Strauss: Don Juan
       a. 16 after Rehearsal Letter M – 1 after Rehearsal Letter N 
       b. Rehearsal Letter P – 12 after Rehearsal Letter P

6. Stravinsky: Firebird Suite (1919)
       a. Variation de l'oiseau de feu (complete)
       b. Infernal Dance: Pickup to Reh. 100 - Reh. 106 (skip long rests)

E-flat Clarinet  

Excerpts (included in the printable Clarinet Preliminary Excerpts above):

7. Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks
       a. 7 measures before Rehearsal Number 29 – Rehearsal Number 32
       b. 5 measures after Rehearsal Number 38 – 4 measures before Rehearsal Number 41

Bass Clarinet  

Excerpts (included in the printable Clarinet Preliminary Excerpts above):

8. Grofé: Grand Canyon Suite 
       a. Mvt. III. On the Trail: Rehearsal Number 2 – Rehearsal Number 3 
       b. Mvt. III: 8 measures before Rehearsal Number 13 – 4 measures after Rehearsal Number 13


Bassoon  (printable version)


1. Mozart: Bassoon Concerto in B-flat major, K.191
      Movement I: Exposition

2. Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4
      Movement II: measures 274 – end

3. Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6
      Movement I: measures 1-12

4. Mozart: Marriage of Figaro Overture
      Measures 139 - 171

5. Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade
      a. Movement II: measure 5 – Rehearsal Letter A
      b. 2nd measure of Rehearsal Letter L – Rehearsal Letter M

6. Strauss: Don Juan
   Rehearsal Letter A – two measures before Rehearsal Letter C


Excerpts (included in printed excerpts, above):

7. Beethoven: Symphony No. 5
    Mvt. IV: 1 measure before Letter A – 5 measures after Letter B

8. Ravel: Mother Goose Suite
    Mvt. IV: Reh. Number 2 – 12 measures before Reh. Number 4



Horn     (printable version)

1. Mozart: Concerto No. 4 in E-flat major
      Movement I: Exposition

Excerpts (all Horn I parts, except when otherwise noted):

2. Strauss: Don Juan
      12 mm. before Letter E — 2 mm. after Letter F

3. Mahler: Symphony No. 1 (Horn II)
      Movement III: four after #13 – #15

4. Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5
      Movement I: three after #17 – one after #21

5. Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel
      Opening Solo

6. Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis
      Mvt. IV Marsch: 5 mm. before Letter J — end of piece


Trumpet     (printable version)

Solo: no solo is required

Excerpts  (All excerpts are Trumpet I):

Stravinsky: Petrushka Ballerina’s Dance

  1. 1 measure before Reh. #134 to Reh. #139

Strauss: Don Juan

  1. 5 measures after Letter F – 3 measures before Letter G
  2. 9 measures before Letter I – 4 measures before Letter K
  3. 2 measures before Letter Q – Letter Q

Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra

  1. Movt. II: measures 90 – 147
  2. Movt. V: measures 211 – 254


Tenor Trombone     (printable version)

Solos (BOTH):

1. Bach Suite No. 3 in C for Solo Cello, Bouree No. 1 (no repeats)

2. David Concertino in E-flat major, Opus 4
       Movement I: Letter A – Letter C

3. Mozart Requiem
      Tuba mirum: 2nd trombone solo (beginning – measure 18)

4. Strauss Ein Heldenleben (2nd trombone)
      2 measures before Rehearsal Number 61 – 2 measures before Rehearsal Number 66

5. Ravel Bolero
      Solo – Rehearsal Number 11

6. Wagner Die Walkure
       a. Pick-up to Reh. Number 3 – 2 measures before Reh. Number 4 
       b. Pick-up to Rehearsal Number 5 – 3 measures after Rehearsal Number 6


Bass Trombone  (printable version)


1. Alex. Lebedev Concerto in One Movement


2. Strauss Ein Heldenleben
       1 measure after Rehearsal Number 61 – 1st measure of Rehearsal Number 65

3. Haydn The Creation
      Chor und Terzett: Beginning – Letter C

4. Respighi Fontane di Roma
      Pickup to Rehearsal Number 11 – 9th measure of Rehearsal Number 15

5. Schumann: Syphony No. 3, Rhenish
      Movt. IV: Beginning to measure 18

6. Hindemith Symphonic Metamorphosis
      Movt. II. Scherzo (Turandot): Rehearsal Letter H – Rehearsal Letter N

Tuba     (printable excerpts)

1. Solo: Please play a brief cantabile selection (2-3 minutes)


2. Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra
      a. Mvt. II: Measure 123-159
      b. Mvt. V: Measure 418-429

3. Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique, Tuba 1
      Mvt. IV: Rehearsal Number 56 – 6 measures after Rehearsal Number 57

4. Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis
      a. Mvt. II: Rehearsal Letter L – Rehearsal Letter O
      b. Mvt. II: 3 before Rehearsal Letter R – Rehearsal Letter T


Harp    (printable excerpts)

1. Solo: A solo from standard solo repertoire of no more than 5 minutes


2. Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake


3. Strauss: Don Juan
      Letter D – 6 measures before Letter G

4. Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra 
      a. Movt. IV: Measures 42 – 58
      b. Movt. V: Measures 96 – 112, AND
          Measures 345 – 356

Percussion (printable version)


1. Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis
      II. Turandot, Scherzo: 5 measures after Reh. S - Reh. T

2. Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra
      V. Finale: Measures 5 - 59

Snare Drum
3. Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade
      a. Movt. III (Reh D - Reh E)
      b. Movt. IV (Reh P - Reh R)

4. Bach: Lute Suite in E Minor: Allemande
      Beginning to Double Bar with no repeat

5. Kodaly: Hary Janos Suite       
      Mvt. VI: Beginning - Rehearsal 1

6. Dukas: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
      4 after Reh. 7 - downbeat of 3 before Reh 20

7. Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture
      2 measures before Letter O - 8 measures before P