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Bachelor of Arts


A Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is a comprehensive liberal arts degree with a strong concentrationin in music and an emphasis on academic coursework. Students completing this degree maypursue careers in music or in other fields. They would also be well prepared for graduate study.

Bachelor of Arts in Music coursework gives students a strong background in music in addition to university core and liberal arts requirements. Coursework includes applied lessons, music theory, music history and upper-level electives. Students gain performance experience in marching band, wind ensemble, jazz band, orchestra, choir and opera, in addition to small ensemble and solo performance opportunities.


  • Co-enrollment in applied music and ensemble is required even after degree requirements are satisfied.
  • Recital Attendance: Music majors should attend at least 12 recitals each semester in residence, up to a total of 96 recitals. Students must attend at least 4 Tuesday recitals and 8 Tuesday OR other MSM recitals/concerts each semester to meet attendance
    requirements. Students who are deficient in recital attendance may not schedule a degree-required recital or qualify for graduation.
  • Bachelor of Arts students are only required to take 2-credit, half-hour lessons each semester at the freshman and sophomore levels (four semesters), but may elect to take full-hour, 3– or 4- credit lessons at those levels if they wish to do so. Under certain circumstances, instruction can continue at the junior and senior levels even though these additional hours are not degree applicable. Please see an advisor for more information.
  • Music courses should be taken in the order shown, with deviations only as approved by an advisor.
  • ENGL 1303/1304 and MATH 1310 should be completed in the first year. All other core courses may be taken in any order as long as all prerequisites are met; this plan is only a suggested sequence

In addition to meeting the general university and college degree requirements and major requirements previously stated, candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree in the college of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences must complete the following college requirements, all of which may be satisfied either by course credit or credit by examination.

  1. CLASS electives—Satisfactory completion of six semester hours of credit at the 2000 level or higher in one foreign language (students who cannot test out of 1000-level foreign language must also take those courses as pre-requisites).
  2. Satisfactory completion of nine additional elective hours from three of the following areas:
    AAS Afr. Amer. Studies AMER Amer. Cultures ANTH Anthropology
    ART Art ARTH Art History CHNS Chinese
    CLAS Classical Studies COMM Communication COMD Comm. Disorders
    DAN Dance ECON Economics ENGL English
    FREN French GEOG Geography GERM German
    GREK Greek HIST History HON Honors
    ILAS Interdis. Studies ITAL Italian POLS Political Science
    PSYC Psychology RELS Religious Studies RUSS Russian
    SOC Sociology SPAN Spanish THEA Theatre
    WOST Women’s Studies PHIL Philosophy

    NOTE: Credit must be in addition to that used to satisfy any core curriculum requirement.
    Credit must be in addition to that used to satisfy the BA degree’s foreign language requirement.
    Credit must be in a field of study outside the student’s major.
  3. Satisfactory completion of ONE of the following requirements
    • A second bachelor’s degree
    • A second major
    • An approved minor
    • A senior honors thesis
    • Interdisciplinary Studies option #1:
      • At least 18 hours, 9 hours of which must be advanced (3000 or 4000 level) and completed in residence, in at least two fields of study.
      • No more than three hours can be in the student’s major.
      • The final 12 hours of the plan of study must be approved in advance by the chair of the student’s major and the dean of CLASS.
    • Interdisciplinary Studies option #2:
      • A cluster of at least 9 hours of separate courses at the advanced level (3000 or 4000 level) that deal with complementary content as viewed from different disciplinary perspectives.
      • Each course must come from a different department and no more than one course can be from the student’s primary major.
      • The cluster shall be constructed by the student and the appropriate instructors so as to promote interdisciplinary study and must be approved in advance by the 3 instructors involved, the student’s academic advisor, the faculty director of the student’s major, and the Dean of CLASS.
      • The application for this option may be obtained by the student’s primary advisor or the Dean’s Academic Affairs Center.
      • All signatures of approval must be completed prior to the 12th day of class.
      • Additional work may be required and no previous course work may be use for this option.

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Bachelor of Arts in Music Degree Plan

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Bachelor of Arts in Music Degree Plan

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Bachelor of Arts in Music Degree Plan