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Chamber Music

The Moores School of Music's effectiveness as an institution which trains the 'complete' musician is easily apparent when viewed in terms of its various areas of instruction. Whether it is Music Education, Music History, Music Theory & Ear Training, Applied Studies, Large Ensemble Courses or Ethnomusicology; the Moores School excels by virtue of the strength of its diversity and the bonds which hold these branches together.

One of these bonds is the Chamber Music Area. It allows students to bring their talent and training from Applied lessons and Large Ensemble experience together while studying literature written for smaller, more intimate groups. Whether working in a quintet, quartet, trio or duo, students benefit from coachings which focus on tonal blending, score knowledge, communication, listening skills, intonation, and musical expression. Additionally, students derive invaluable experience in frequent rehearsals, when honing skills and learning to work together as colleagues is tested and developed. In many ways, prospective success in a Professional Career in Music is directly related to the skills acquired by studying Chamber Music at the University level.

Because the Applied Faculty of the Moores School of Music primarily consists of musicians who are successfully active performers, the quality of the pool of faculty coaches available is astounding. Collaborating in year-round concerts at the Moores Opera House, members of the faculty concertize together to create a positive atmosphere which sets a marvelous example for the students to follow. Quite often, they suggest that their student groups play for different coaches to get new ideas and to demonstrate that part of learning music is learning that there are many differing ways to achieve a successful interpretation.