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At Moores School of Music, the ad-hoc Committee on Anti-Racism, comprised of a diverse group of faculty and staff members, is engaged in identifying, prioritizing, implementing initiatives, and making recommendations to MSM director Courtney Crappell, with the goal of creating a learning environment that is equitable and diverse, allowing all students to pursue their goals in a safe environment.   


Supporting the formation of and providing resources for a student led intersectionality group that would provide a safe and welcoming space for BIPOC and LGBT+ students to find community and support.
The MSM Anti-Racism Resource site is updated and appended on a regular basis – check back often!
We are committed to facilitating opportunities of diversity and inclusion training for faculty and staff.
We are committed to gaining from the experiences and insights of our alumni to fill in the gaps of our knowledge. Contact a committee member for more details.
We are committed to gain equity in recruiting faculty and students through a community outreach focus.
We are committed to identifying inclusive pedagogy and academic curriculum.

Moores School of Music Antiracism Committee