Interdisciplinary Cluster Hire Program - University of Houston
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Diversifying the McGovern College of the Arts

The Interdisicplinary Cluster Hire program in the McGovern College of the Arts aims to recruit a diverse cohort of new faculty to its studio practice disciplines. The program is one of many initiatives that advances the McGovern College’s priority of achieving an inclusive and innovative climate.

The McGovern College of the Arts understands the value of a diverse faculty, of a diversity of approaches to the arts, and of approaching the arts as an interdisciplinary area of study. The College believes that such values are fundamental to the future of arts production. To express its commitment to these values, the Interdisciplinary Cluster Hire program seeks to identify and build a diverse network of practitioners, researchers, and scholars that will inform and support the work of the College in these areas. The program will bring at least seven new faculty to the College over the next several years, in disciplines including Acting, Conducting, Dance, Painting, Graphic Design, Photography and Digital Media, Theatre Production, and Violin.

Applications and Program Benefits

Links to position postings and online application portals for the Interdisciplinary Cluster Hire program will be linked below, on this webpage, as they become available. The program supports hiring processes that remain based in the College's individual departments. Positions in the program are posted individually and receive independent applications.

Applicants will be required to submit a 750-word statement addressing:

  • their experience with, interest in, or contributions to diversity and inclusion efforts that impact students, faculty, staff, or the applicant’s field of study
  • how they envision demonstrating a similar commitment at the University of Houston.
All positions in the program come with annual financial support provided by the Office of the Dean for the first three years during the faculty member's pre-tenure period, for research activities that enhance the faculty member’s research agenda and the mission of the McGovern College.

The McGovern College and the University of Houston

The McGovern College is the culturally rich and innovative home of the visual and performing arts at the University of Houston, one of the most diverse R1 institutions in the nation and situated in the thriving, dynamic, and extraordinarily diverse arts metropolis that is the twenty-first century city of Houston. Therefore the successful candidates for positions in the cluster will excel at teaching and mentoring students who are broadly diverse with regard to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, and religion.


Current positions

  • Acting (School of Theatre & Dance)
  • Dance (School of Theatre & Dance)
  • Dance (School of Theatre & Dance)
  • Design and Technology (School of Theatre & Dance)
  • Technical Diretcor (School of Theatre & Dance)
  • Painting (School of Art)
  • Graphic Design (School of Theatre & Dance)