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Course Requirements

Acceptance into the Major Concentration is by competitive portfolio review. Students must meet TSI (Texas Success Initiative) requirement in addition to other academic requirements.


Junior Block Review

Students who are applying for Graphic Design Junior Block should submit a portfolio and a written statement of intent. Students who fulfill the following requirements or are advised by their faculty can apply. Upon acceptance a space will be held for you in this class.


12 hours of Fundamentals completed and minimum of 15 hours 3000/4000 level Related Arts completed or enrolled in. A minimum 2.67 (B-) in your advanced art courses is required.


Properly mounted work should be hung in rooms 302, 304, 308 FA on the date announced. Portfolios are hung for presentation between the hours of 8 am and 11am that day. Faculty review begins at 12 noon. The review process should be completed by 6 pm. All work should be picked up that evening. Students should come prepared with push pins to hang their work.

Additional Contents

Include 12–15 pieces of work.

A name tag to identify work (mount with your work)

An official transcript listing of all studio courses which you have completed and are presently taking, as well as final grades for courses completed. Place in a sealed envelope beside your work.

A brief written statement of intent which should include why you would like to be a graphic designer in the Graphic Design program and what your goals and expectations are regarding graphic design as a career. Do not mount this, leave with your work.


Work will be evaluated based on organization, craft, quantity/quality, creativity of Ideas, compositional skills, color and consistency. Further evaluation is based on your statement, process and overall program performance to date. Careful consideration should be given to inclusion of work from your design courses.


A notice of accepted individuals will be placed with your work following the review of each portfolio.