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Course Requirements

Below is an outline of the Course Requirements. More detailed information may be found in the "Printable Program Guide" found on the main MA program page.

  • Graduate Methods (I): 3 hours 
  • Graduate Readings and Historiography: 3 hours
  • Four additional courses in art history (chosen from art history elective courses): 12 hours
  • Five free elective courses  (chosen from approved interdisciplinary courses, independent study, practical internships): 15  hours
  • Thesis Track - Thesis (in written or exhibition form): 6 hours (counts toward the 15 hour free elective requirement)
  • Non-Thesis Track – Oral and Written Examination
  • Demonstrated reading ability in one foreign language
  • *For specific course information about courses offered, see the Graduate Catalog on the UH website:
The department of Modern and Classical Languages (MCL) at the University of Houston offers courses in reading for graduate students in French, German, and Italian