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Since our move to online instruction last spring, we have been eagerly looking forward to our return to campus this fall. This summer, the School of Art administrators, staff, and faculty have been diligently working in preparation for a successful new academic year. Throughout the planning process, we have prioritized health and safety concerns as we have established strategies to deliver impactful educational activities.

In light of those priorities, fall coursework in the School of Art will occur both through face-to-face and online modes of instruction. 

We hope that the FAQ below will give you a better understanding of our plans. This information is current as of July 22, 2020. Please continue to refer back to this page for updates, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Fall Course Enrollment

Some School of Art courses are offered in the Hyflex mode, which allows for face-to-face teaching. Our major studio courses (Block) and Graduate courses are all Hyflex. All students have the option of choosing online instruction at any time during the course of the semester. All face-to-face experiences will occur with the safety of students and faculty in mind, as they practice appropriate physical distancing and wear masks/face coverings. We recommend that you contact your instructors for specific information about your courses.

The same attendance standards apply to online courses as in person courses. Please check with your instructor and see Student Handbook for details. Please refer to this page for the University’s policy on securing an excused absence:

In most cases, photo and/or video documentation. Check with your individual instructors for more details.

The scale of your projects can be modified to fit your available space. Consult with your instructor to work out specific modifications.


At this point, we are planning for all gatherings, such as our Speaker Series to happen online. You will not be required to attend any face to face events. Currently, there are no plans for face to face events in the School of Art.
Yes, most events, including our Speaker Series will either be webcast live or posted for later viewing by an online audience. We want to be sure that our audiences and supporters can be part of our creative activities, and so we plan that many of our scheduled performances will be available.


Any student who wishes to access his/her studio, lab or workshop in the Fine Arts Building and Elgin Street Studios must do so in a scheduled fashion. Currently, this can only be done by enrolling in a Face to Face section of a Hyflex course. You are limited to accessing the designated classroom for that course during the scheduled time only. We realize that this is limiting but it is necessary for contact tracing and to keep you and the School of Art community safe and healthy.
The University of Houston facility services will be engaged daily in cleaning our classrooms, studios and workshops. Within the Fine Arts Building and Elgin Street Studios, we are establishing procedures and protocols that will help keep us safe and healthy. These include plans for physical distancing for face-to-face classes, cleaning protocols for our equipment, and management of how we move through the facility daily.
Unfortunately, 24/7 access is not possible during the Fall semester. However, we are making every effort to maximize safe studio access for Graduate and Block students. Those students will have access to their studios during scheduled course times only. While this may seem restrictive, it is the only way to facilitate contact tracing in order to keep you and the School of Art community safe. You must be enrolled in a face to face section of your Graduate Studio or Block course to have this access. No unscheduled or “drop-ins” will be permitted.
The ATC will support limited printing services in the fall semester based on a pick-up model. Large format printing and laser printer will be available the second week of classes. This may adapt to the changing state of the pandemic and student needs.
Only students enrolled in the face to face sections of Hyflex sculpture courses will have access to the sculpture shops and only during scheduled class times. While this may seem restrictive, it is the only way to facilitate contact tracing in order to keep you and the School of Art community safe. No unscheduled or “drop-ins” will be permitted.

There are many unknowns during this pandemic, and it is possible the University could close again. If this happens, you will have warning and will be able to make arrangements to continue your studio work off campus. Faculty and administrators will work with you as much as needed in order to facilitate your continued education.

To ensure the health and safety of students facilities are maintained using aggressive sanitization and hygiene protocols as recommended by authorities. This includes increased custodial cleaning and the availability of hand sanitizer dispensers at all entrances, common areas and elevators. Custodial staff is required to wipe highly touched surfaces, including handrails, push/pull door handles, drinking fountains, tables and other furniture continually touched during the course of the day. The university has increased the frequency that restrooms and common areas are cleaned and disinfected. Once the semester begins, every room on campus that is officially scheduled for a university course will be thoroughly cleaned every night those courses are scheduled. Electrostatic fogging technology will be used to disinfect all surfaces in these rooms.

Unfortunately, no. This is to ensure accurate contact tracing should a positive case occur.

Yes. If there is a positive case reported by a student who occupied a space that you shared or occupied, your studio area will be temporarily closed for decontamination and disinfection. You should be able to re-enter your studio within 24-48 hours.

Only for classes designated as HyFlex. Students enrolled in synchronous and asynchronous classes do not have access to the classroom workspace, tools, or the shops.

Yes, locker signout will begin August 31st at 8AM. Contact Briana Bougard via email to begin the signout process. bbougard@Central.UH.EDU

Further questions? Contact Andrea Johnson