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Course Requirements

The MFA degree is a sixty semester-hour program.

  • Studio Courses in Design: 18 hours
    Related Arts: 24 hours
    Art History: 12 hours
    Seminar: 6 hours
    Total: 60 hours

Semester Course Requirements

A full-time load is 9 credit hours per semester and should include:

Art 6330 Graphic Design Graduate Studio


Art 7330 Graphic Design Graduate Studio or related arts course

Art 7330 recommended to fill this requirement

Three credit hours in art history, graduate seminar, related arts, etc.

Basic understanding of form, composition, typography, technology, history, process, methodology, and theory are assumed. Undergraduate courses for graduate credit will be recommended at the guidance of your advisors to ensure these requirements are met. Students who have bachelor's degrees in unrelated fields may apply, but will be required to take additional hours in design fundamentals.


Evaluation is an ongoing effort, which culminates at the end of each semester with a portfolio presentation and written documentation of ongoing research. Each student will be evaluated by their ability to define individual investigations that are supported through visual presentation, reading, writing and research. Research must be synthesized into clearly articulated and critically evaluated design projects. Each semester will involve one or more assigned projects by your advisor in addition to your individual projects. Upon completion of all course work for the degree, students present their work for exhibition in a department wide group show. This will be accompanied by photographic documentation submitted to the program and department for their keeping. The exhibition and photographic documentation constitute the visual requirements. Additionally, students must produce a written thesis in the first semester of the final year of work towards the degree, and a comprehensive oral exam at the time of the Thesis Exhibition.


For further information and admission requirements visit the "Apply" section of this website. Students interested in applying to the graduate program in Graphic Design should contact: