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Dance Program


Dance at the University of Houston strives to create confidence in the student through both the disciplined practice of dance and the transferable skills of creative interaction with others.

Our mission is to assist individuals in defining their own originality through dance, to develop curious minds, and to prepare students with the life skills of critical thinking and inventive problem solving. We are committed to providing a center for dance in metropolitan Houston through workshops, collaboration, performances, and through projects by the Center for Choreography.

Dance at the University of Houston emphasizes the following:

  • An Athletic Component: To develop disciplined bodies and minds by integrating physical strength, flexibility, stamina, coordination, with retention and speed of comprehension. To develop the wide range of dynamic qualities which shape the performance skills of the dancer.
  • An Intellectual Component: To encourage creative and thoughtful individuals, fostering students as innovative choreographers and teachers with the ability to clearly articulate ideas. To analyze movement within the contexts of tradition, history, art, music, and dance theory.
  • A Human Interaction Component:To balance individual thinking with collective collaboration, and develop individuals who are able to effectively work with others to realize their potential in dance and in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

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