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A Community of Excellence

The University of Houston conducts more than $160 million per year in research, growing more than 39 percent since 2012. With strengths in advanced materials, energy, biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals and information technology, UH is becoming highly competitive in technology commercialization due to the institution's rapidly-growing innovation ecosystem.

National Academy of Inventors Fellows

UH is proud to be the home of 11 fellows of the National Academy of Inventors. These faculty drive the spirit of innovation across campus by championing inventions, tech development and commercialization within the academic environment.
  • Benton F. Baugh

  • chow

    Diana S.L. Chow

  • chu

    Paul C.W. Chu

  • jacobsen

    Allan Jacobson

  • litvinov

    Dmitri Litvinov

  • luss

    Dan Luss

  • Rajashekara

    Kaushik Rajashekara

  • Ren

    Zhifeng Ren

  • Selvamanickam

    Venkat Selvamanickam

  • Soliman

    Mohamed Soliman

  • Willson

    Richard Willson

IP Portfolio

UH maintains a strong intellectual property portfolio that has gained momentum in recent years. In fact, UH now leads the nation in royalty income among public universities without medical schools.
  • $33.8MRoyalty Earnings FY17
  • 66Invention Disclosures FY17
  • 30U.S. Patents FY17
  • 11National Academy of Inventors Members

Innovation Leaders

UH is very fortunate to be led by entrepreneurs and former corporate executives who understand innovation, from the ups and downs of starting a company to the ins and outs of licensing technologies. Our leaders are motivated to share their knowledge and expertise to help future innovators succeed.
Amr Elnashai

Amr Elnashai

VC/VP for Research and Technology Transfer


Amr oversees all UH research endeavors and the activity of the university's many centers and institutes.



Edward Blair

Chair of Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Bauer College


Ed is an academic and professional mentor and widely-published researcher on consumer price information processing.

David Cook

David Cook

Director, Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship


David brings over 40 years of experience to the helm of the nationally ranked Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship.


Kelly McCormick

Kelly McCormick

Managing Director, RED Labs


Kelly maintains curriculum and resources for students and faculty launching tech startups.

Educational Programs

UH has some of the top programs in the country when it comes to entrepreneurship. Even more, UH has a unique model of pairing students with STEM faculty to develop business models out of promising technologies.