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Finding the Bldg. 3 Training Rooms

Where is Bldg. 3? | Where are rooms 241, 242?

Where is the UH Technology Bridge and building number three?


The UH Technology Bridge – formerly known as the UH Energy Research Park complex (ERP) – is located a short driving distance off the central UH campus, with its main entrance and exit off I‑45 (near Telephone and Tellepsun).

UH Technology Bridge
5000 Gulf Freeway
Houston, Texas 77204

See UH Maps for additional location information. Please also be aware of some long-term on-going construction involving key highways around the UH campus area; see: 
Houston TransStar Traffic; Houston TranStar Construction
[search for: IH‑45 GULF].

The UH shuttle service runs between campus and the Technology Bridge (ERP). Campus pickup/dropoff points are near either the Student Center South or PGH; UHTB/ERP/Remote Campus pickup/dropoff points are near Building 3, at various points along the student parking areas, and in front of Building 1; also see shuttle stops on map, following.

Both the Student Center and PGH Remote Campus routes stop at Metro's Eastwood Transit Center. For these and other UH shuttle routes and real-time shuttle bus locations visit UH Cougartrax at

Please Note: due to on-going area freeway construction, the shuttles may need to follow detour routes, which may change as construction progresses. Be sure to select the appropriate, current route when using Cougartrax.

For general information about hours of operation and shuttle frequency please review the UH Parking and Transportation site's Cougar Line information.

Building Three

Building 3 (aka UH Bldg. 403) is the first building on your right as you enter the main drive off of I‑45 (UH Entrance 23).
Caution: expect quickly merging and exiting traffic close to the entrance drive.

Animated GIF shows driving routes along the I-45 access roads, approaching UHTB heading either towards campus or coming from campus.
If animation has stopped, please refresh page to view.

I-45 Northbound towards campus: Using Tellepsen exit, keep far right on the access road and do not go under the underpass. Proceed past Kolfahl St. to the intersection with Telepsen and from there U-turn under I-45 immediately back to the access road. Yield to southbound access road traffic, and turn right into the complex at UH entrance 23. (Green route in animation.)

I-45 Southbound or coming from campus:
Via I-45 Southbound: Exit Cullen and proceed past Cullen intersection, staying on the I-45 access road. Proceed along access road until it goes under the railroad underpass, and prepare to immediately turn right into the complex at UH entrance 23. (Red route in animation.)

Via Elgin:
Traveling towards I-45 eastbound on Elgin, before going under I-45 and just past Gulfcrest, turn right onto the I-45 access road, immediately left-merging with southbound traffic. Do not take the freeway on-ramp. Bearing right, proceed along access road under the railroad underpass, and prepare to immediately turn right into the complex at UH entrance 23. (Red route in animation.)

Via Spur 5:
Traveling towards Elgin northbound on Spur 5, at Elgin intersection turn right and keep right, turning immediately right again just past Gulfcrest onto the I-45 access road. Immediately left-merge with southbound traffic, but do not take the freeway onramp; then bear right, proceeding along the access road under the railroad underpass. Prepare to immediately turn right into the complex at UH entrance 23. (Red route in animation.)



For individuals not using the shuttle, UH Technology Bridge (UH Energy Research Park) Building 3 parking options include those lots available behind Building 3 (UH tags required where appropriate): 

  • visitor parking: public, metered [$]
  • handicap-designated
    - at front of the metered parking area, near bldg.3
    - at corner of ungated parking, near bldg.9
  • faculty/staff ungated
  • economy/remote

On-campus parking permits/tags should allow you to park in the analogous parking areas at Technology Bridge (ERP). Faculty/Staff Garage and Gated permits should allow parking in F/S Ungated parking at Technology Bridge (ERP). Additionally, while the parking areas in front of Building 1 may be available (via UH Entrance 22), please be aware that there is a security fence which may force individuals who park close to Building 1 to traverse through the complex (through Building 1).

For any questions, please contact the UH Parking office and/or visit the Parking & Transportation site for more information.


Where are rooms 241 and 242?

The computer training rooms in Bldg. 3 can be found near the red star on the following Bldg. 3 floorplan/map.

These rooms are on the second floor, mid-way down the long main hallway, past the vending machines and skywalk/hallway which leads over to Building 2. An elevator is available from inside Building 3's main, south entrance.

UH Technology Bridge (aka ERP) building 3, 2nd-floor training rooms location, handicap accessibility with unisex restroom & lactation privacy areas illustrated

Did you know?

• The room numbering for Technology Bridge/ERP buildings two and three is somewhat unusual.

They were originally numbered as all one building. Not only that, they are numbered circumferentially.

Thus, room "one" is closest to the skywalk-side stairwell entrance for Bldg. 2, with room numbers increasing down that side of the hallway into the teens, then coming back up the other side of the hall into the 30s. Numbering then jumps the "skywalk" to continue in the 40s in the middle of Bldg. 3. The numbering pretty much continues circumferentially around Bldg. 3 from there, culminating in the highest room numbers back in the middle of building three - right across the hallway from the lowest numbers.

• In Building 4 [Conference & Research Building - ERP4 (404)] there is an Avenue C vending system.

Coffee. Food. Snacks. Beverages. [$, card, and/or set up an account]

• There are also vending machines with soft drinks and snacks located inside Bldg. 3 on both the 1st and 2nd floors (each location is near the middle of the building, close to where the walkway goes across to Bldg. 2).

See also other central campus dining options.

• There is a handicap-accessible, unisex single-stall restroom mid-way down the hallway on the first floor of Bldg. 2; and there is a privacy/lactation location in the women's restroom nearest the elevator on the second floor of Bldg. 3.

See also other locations on campus: single stall restrooms; lactation rooms.

For more information about the Technology Bridge (aka Energy Research Park) itself, visit the UH website's Technology Bridge and UH-ERP pages.