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Join a Meeting or Conference Call

The video to the right explains how to join a meeting as a Leader or a Participant. The second video on this page explains how to select an audio option for a meeting. The terms "Leader" and "Participant" are defined in the FAQ below. Both videos apply to all versions of Skype for Business (SFB) . For information on joining a meeting or conference call, select your version of SFB.

Scheduling FAQ

Who is the Organizer?
Answer: The Organizer is the person who schedules the conference call.

Who is the Leader?
Answer: The Leader is the first person to dial-in to the conference call from a SFB phone.

Who is the Presenter?
Answer: The Presenter can invite others to an active meeting or conference call. During a meeting, a Presenter can change the classification of other Presenters to an Attendee. Only a Presenter can record a meeting, distribute files and share items, such as the desktop, a program, whiteboard and conduct a poll. By default, all faculty and staff members are Presenters. If desired, the meeting Organizer can change the permissions level of any participant from Presenter to Attendee before the Meeting Invitation is sent. This is done using Outlook Meeting Options.

Who is an Attendee?
Answer: An Attendee can initiate instant message (IM) conversations and view items that are shared.

Why do some people have to wait in the lobby?
Answer: By default, meeting participants who dial-in from a non-SFB phone (i.e., Rolm, Cisco, mobile or an off-campus phone) must wait in the lobby until a Leader dials-in. The first person to dial-in from a SFB phone becomes the Leader and anyone waiting in the lobby can be given access to the meeting.

What is a Dial-in PIN?
Answer: If you want to be a Leader or need to be (for instance, if all other participants are not affiliated with UH) and you dial-in from a non-SFB phone, you must enter your Dial-in PIN to become the Leader. The Dial-in PIN is identical to the Sign-in PIN for CX600 phones. If you can’t remember your Dial-in PIN or if you never received a Dial-in PIN, go to to reset your PIN or obtain your first PIN.

What are Meeting Options and how can I change them?
Answer: Before sending a Meeting Invitation, the Organizer can change the Meeting Options. It is very important to change Meeting Options before sending the Meeting Invitation because changing the options can potentially change the meeting link and Conference ID. The Conference ID is assigned by SFB and appears in an Outlook Meeting Invitation. Meeting options include:

  • Everyone waits in the lobby except the Organizer
  • No one waits in the lobby
  • Only the Organizer is a Presenter

For Skype for Business (SFB) related questions or problems, send email to