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How do I reset my CX600 phone?

Answer: The two main reasons for resetting a CX600 phone are: You are unable to access the Menu, or the phone is connected via USB to your computer, but it is not syncing with your Exchange account causing a yellow triangular yield sign to appear above the Menu key. To reset your phone:

  1. Press and hold the * and # keys while you disconnect and reconnect power to the phone.
  2. A prompt appears on the screen asking if you want to erase all data and configurations, select Yes.
  3. After a few minutes, the phone will boot up.
  4. Press the Select key located between the up and down arrows to the right of the Home screen.
  5. Press Select again and choose English (or the language of your choice).
  6. If you’re running Windows with a USB connection from the phone to your computer, follow the steps below. If not, skip to step 7.
    1. A prompt appears asking if you have a computer available for set-up, select Yes.
    2. In the Password Request dialog box that appears on your computer screen, enter your CougarNet password.
    3. Your computer signs you in to the phone. Skip to step 8.
  7. If you’re not running Windows or do not have a USB connection from your phone to your computer, follow the steps below.
    1. A prompt appears asking if you have a computer available for set-up, select No.
    2. Enter your 10-digit phone number.
    3. Enter your Sign-in PIN.
  8. Select the time zone, date and time formats, and ring tone.
Your phone will reboot on its own after 10 minutes of idle time. The reboot is to update the firmware.

I am transferring to a new department. What is the procedure for obtaining a new phone number?

Answer: Phone numbers are now assigned to people. Similar to the handling of an email address, you keep the same phone number during your time with UH. When you transfer to a new department, there ought to be a phone for you to sign-in to (CX600) or plug-in to (CX300) your computer. Department phone numbers stay with the department. If you are currently signed-in to a phone, sign-out before you move to your new department.

How do I obtain [or change] a sign-in PIN for my CX600 phone?

Answer: To create or change a Sign-in PIN:

  1. In an Internet browser, go to
  2. Click Sign-in and choose Language.
  3. Click the Sign-in button then enter your CougarNet username and password.
  4. Following the criteria on the PIN management screen, enter your PIN in the fields provided.

After listening to a voice mail message on my phone, how can I forward that message to a co-worker?

Answer: While the message is playing or when it ends, say “Forward to [first name, last name]”, then hang up or wait for more options.

How do I transfer a call to a voice mailbox?

Answer: In the Conversation window of your soft phone, click the Transfer button and select Another Person or Number. A window appears listing your Contacts. Hover over the Contact to whom you want to transfer the call. Click the down arrow located next to the Call button. Select Voice Mail from the drop-down menu.

How can I add a long distance number to a conference call on my CX600?

Answer: Adding a person with a long distance number to a conference call must be done by making a separate call, and then merging the two calls together. To add a long distance number to a conference call:

  1. Press Menu and select New Call. Your current call is put on Hold.
  2. Dial a long distance number or select a Contact.
  3. Wait for the beep, and then enter your long distance code.
  4. With the new call on your phone, press Menu and select Merge Calls.

Why has the voice mail message waiting indicator on my CX600 phone stopped working after working fine for months?

Answer: When you change your CougarNet password, it takes time for your phone to sync with your Exchange account. To immediately sync your phone with your Exchange account, press the Menu button and select Switch User. When asked if you want to sign-out of the phone, choose Yes. A Lync dialog box appears on your computer monitor requesting your CougarNet password. Enter your CougarNet password in the field provided. Your computer signs you in to your phone.

How is Lync different from my existing phone service?

Answer: The unified communications system provided by Microsoft Lync utilizes the Internet as the transmission medium via an infrastructure of hardware, software and high-speed fiber optic cabling. The prior system was a voice-only Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telecommunications system that utilized a copper cabling infrastructure.

What will happen to the old Cisco and Rolm phones?

Answer: UIT has contracted through the Property Management Division with an outside vendor to dispose of the phones in a responsible manner.

What are the main differences between each of the available desk phones?

Answer:  Please see our comprehensive Lync Phone Matrix for a comparison of Lync phones.


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