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Email Migration from Exchange 2007 to Office 365 Exchange

Welcome to the Exchange Office 365 Email Migration: 

UIT has begun the process of upgrading to Office 365 Exchange from Exchange 2007.  Here is the information for those who are being migrated.  


To access your email on line login into Office 365: 

Pre-Migration Steps

Post-Migration Steps 


Here are some FAQ's about migration:

How can I get migrated?  Users will be contacted or can contact their local support to be scheduled to migrate. 

How will I know I have been successfully migrated?  When you go to and try to log in it will redirect you to Office 365.

Will everything that is in my mailbox be migrated?  Yes.  Mail, Calendar, Contact, Task, Notes, Rules etc will all be migrated.

Can I continue to use the version of Outlook I'm currently using?  Windows Users need to be running at least Outlook 2010 SP2 but we recommend Outlook 2013 for the best experience. 

Can I upgrade to the newest version of Outlook?  We are recommending for Windows devices Office/Outlook 2013 until we have completed the full migration of the campus.  If you would like to upgrade to Outlook 2016 please talk with you local support to understand the issues you may encounter.  Mac users can upgrade to Outlook 2016.

Do I have to be migrated?  Eventually, yes.  Your mailbox will have to be migrated but we will work with users who have special requirements or need more hands on assistance when your mailbox is migrated.


Pre-Migration Steps

"Blackout hours" for the evening that your mailbox is migrated will be from 9pm - 6am.

Please follow the instructions below prior to your Exchange Mailbox migration.

Office / Outlook Versions:

We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE users to be running Office 2013.  Office/Outlook 2010 does NOT work well with the new version but it is supported with Service Pack 2.

Office 2016 works well but not for those of us who work with others who have not migrated yet or need public folders.  We are also seeing intermittent issues with Skype for Business calls. We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE users to use Office 2013.

Public Folders are NOT supported with Office 2016 or with OWA.  Near the end of the migration of mailboxes we will move the Public Folders.  When Public Folders are migrated users with mailboxes still in 2007 Exchange will NOT be able to access them.

For Mail Client on PC or Mac: 

  1. If you have more than one mailbox open in Outlook and both mailboxes are NOT being migrated then please remove the mailbox that is NOT being migrated. After the migration is completed you can add it back.
  2. Close Outlook or your mail client on any machine you have. This is not a requirement but we have seen a much smoother experience for the end user if this is done.  In the morning log in like normal and open Outlook like normal.

For Smart Phones/Tablets:

For smart phones/tablets you do not need to do anything before the migration. 

Post-Migration Steps

Please follow the post-migration steps below after your scheduled migration date.

For Mail Client on PC/Mac:

  1. Open Outlook the same way you have before.
  2. When you open Outlook for the first time after the migration it may prompt you a message about changes that were made by the Administrator and to please restart.  This could happen 2-3 times.  If it persists please let us know.
Note:  For a better user experience and improved performance try turning on Cache mode:  Users have noted that without this sending and receiving is noticeably slower.
  • File -> Account Settings -> Account Settings -> Click on the account to update -> Change
  • Mark the Use Cached Exchange Mode is checked and pull the arrow all the way to the All
  • Click Next
  • Click OK -> Finish
  • Close Outlook and open it back up.


For Smart phones/Tablets:

For some users, the migration may not require any additional steps on your device.

We have heard good things about the Outlook app for smart phones.

If needed after the migration please delete the account on your smart phone and add it back using the following steps as a guide.

iPhone Setup for built in mail client.

When adding the account back domain blank but for the user name put:

Windows 10 Setup with built in client

Android and Samsung setup instructions
For manual configuration of Email the Office 365 Server is:

UM (Unified Messaging/Voice Mail)

You will receive an email from Microsoft Outlook stating your Subscriber Access Number is now 713-743-6200 (instead of the on premise 713-743-6111.) The Voicemail PIN will not be changed.

Skype for Business (Formerly Lync) Client on Computer

If Skype for Business was open please EXIT, do NOT just sign out and back in.  Exit the application completely and launch the application again. If it prompts for credentials please enter them the following way:

Sign in address will still be


Note: You will need to login the same way that you do with Office 365:

Skype for Business Client on Smart Phones/Tablets:

iPhone:  Under "Hide Details" the first option asks for "domain\username or".  You will need to provide the user name in the same format as you do for Office 365:



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