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Getting Started

Logging in to SharePoint

All SharePoint sites are secured against unauthorized access and require you to log in with your Cougarnet user ID and password.  You can test your access to SharePoint at any time by going to the Share.UH base site collection and log in with your Cougarnet ID.  If a user visits a page to which they are denied access, a page will appear which allows the user to request access from the site owner, who receives and email with the request for access.

Security is generally administered by the local site collection administrators, but can be done by UIT if contracted for such services.  Access can be granted in a very granular fashion at the site collection, site, list/library, or individual document and item level.  In addition, different permission levels (visitors have Read, members have Contribute, and owners have Full Control) are available and customized permission levels can be created so that administrators can very closely control the level of access users have to specific resources.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here or call the Helpdesk at 713-743-1411.  For more information on access and security, this page has resources which can help.

Requesting a new site collection

  1. Read the Service Level Agreement (SLA), which details the roles and responsibilities of UIT as well as those of the SharePoint customers.  Make sure to provide a copy of the SLA to the person who will be the business owner of the SharePoint site collection as they will be required to sign this agreement before the SharePoint site collection will be provisioned.  There is also a SharePoint Governance document that discusses how the UH SharePoint system is constructed, contains suggestions for site collection administrators, and lays out the policies and standards that govern the use of the SharePoint 2010 system.
  2. Decide whether you want to use local resources to administer, design, and develop the SharePoint site collection or want to contract UIT to provide these services.  If using local resources, there is no charge for the initial setup and training of the people who will serve as Site Collection Administrators.  If contracting with UIT, the charges will be in accordance with the SLA.
  3. Fill out this form (log in with your Cougarnet credentials, entering the user name as "cougarnet\username" without the quotes).  The person listed as the business owner will receive a link to the SLA and the people listed as technical contacts will be contacted to arrange training on administration and design.
  1. What will you use SharePoint for?
  2. What would you like it to accomplish?