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Communicate with Students

There are three ways that faculty (or deans/chairs) can communicate with students in specific classes:

  1. PeopleSoft
    Any faculty member, TA, or departmentally assigned "clerical assistant" can send a message to an entire class through their PeopleSoft Faculty Center, one class at a time. (The departmental Class Schedule Officer can set up themselves or someone else as a "clerical assistant.") At the bottom of the Class Roster in the Faculty Center, select "Notify Listed Students."
  2. BlackBoard Learn (for classes already set up in BlackBoard Learn)
    Faculty or TA's already set up with BlackBoard Learn classes can send BlackBoard Learn mail to all students in their class(es).
  3. Emergency Listservs
    An instructor of record can send messages to their own class list, using their UH email address.
    For example, if the instructor of record wants to send a message to their Accounting 1331, class number 12345, they would address the message to:
Additional information about the Emergency Course List system is available online on the Disaster Recovery page.

Additional Assistance

If additional assistance is needed in order to send messages to specific classes, please contact Pam Ogden (, and she will arrange for a message to be sent. Please include:

  1. The text of the message to send.
  2. The course catalog number and class number to send the message to.
  3. A subject line for the message.
  4. The name and email address that the message should come from.