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Family and Medical Leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a Federal law enacted in 1993 that provides employees with up to twelve (12) weeks of job protection for covered family and medical situations. Covered leave is unpaid, but can run concurrently with an employee's worker's compensation, as well as paid leave, when available and appropriate, per University of Houston policy.


To be eligible for FML, an employee must have worked for the University of Houston:

  • at least twelve (12) months within the last five (5) years, AND
  • at least 1,250 hours during the twelve (12) months prior to the start of the requested leave.

If a UH employee does not meet the eligibility requirements for FML, they might still meet the criteria for Parental Leave, which provides up to twelve (12) weeks of unpaid leave for birth, adoption of a child under 3, or foster placement of a child under 3. Parental Leave is governed by University of Houston System policy and is not part of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

FML/Parental Leave Process:

Step One: Information and Packet Collection

  1. Please download the appropriate form on this page and return the completed form according to the instructions below. At this time, it is also advised that you check that your contact information in PASS and in ERS is complete and accurate.
  2. FML forms may be:
    1. Faxed to 713-743-1723
    2. Hand delivered to 325 McElhinney Hall
    3. Scanned and emailed to with FMLA in subject line (not recommended for security reasons, but a last-resort option)
  3. The Benefits Team will:
    1. Log the case.
    2. Communicate with the employee if there are any missing documents or incomplete information.
    3. Review the case and make a determination.

Step Two: Review and Approval of FML/Parental Leave Request

  1. Completed packets will be reviewed to determine if further information is required.
  2. Approved FML will have leave calculated to provide accurate information to the employee and the supervisor on how the leave will be recorded in TRAM.  The calculation will be based on the request and the employee’s current leave accrual.
  3. All changes to the original approved request will need to be submitted to Human Resources. 
  4. Denied FML notification will outline reason for denial.
  5. Please Note: Intermittent FML will require work schedule review by HR and employee supervisor prior to approval.

Step Three: Notification and Recording Leave

  1. Notification will go out to the employee and supervisor via email from the  address and will outline instructions and detailed leave application for the FML period.
  2. Deviations from the leave outlined in the notification will need to be communicated to Human Resources.  Changes will have to be approved and leave will be recalculated.
  3. HR will enter and approve leave in TRAM for all full-time approved FML cases.
  4. Departments will continue to enter intermittent FML leave in TRAM, review all ongoing FML leave for accuracy and communicate any changes to Human Resources.

FMLA Quick Reference:

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UH MAPP Policy:

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