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Cougar Mover Crew Leaders

For more information, please contact the crew leader listed below for the building in which you will be helping.

Aundria Rogers

Cougar Mover Crew Leader Supervisor

Aundria Rogers is a senior originally from Houston, Texas. In Spring 2018 she will receive her B.S. in Education with a minor in Psychology. She later plans to pursue her Masters Degree in Education. During her time at the University of Houston she volunteers with the student organization: Metropolitan Volunteer Program. She has helped and served homeless shelters, food banks and much more around the local Houston Area. When Aundria is not volunteering or seeking out how to be the best future educator possible, she enjoys singing, spending time with her family, and just having fun. This will be her second time being a Cougar Mover Crew Leader and he first year as the Supervisor she is ready to pass down all her prior knowledge to make things bigger and better. 


Christopher Caldwell

Cougar Mover Crew Leader, Cougar Village 1

Christopher Caldwell is a senior Political Science major with plans to graduate in the spring of 2018. He received an Associate of Science degree one month before he graduated high school; coming to UH with 72 credit hours already completed. Christopher did not hesitate to get involved when he got the university joining a number of university committees such as the Food Services Advisory Committee where he serves as the Vice Chair and the Residence Hall Association where he advocates for students daily. He enjoys volunteering and working on campus and is excited for this year’s move in events. In his free time, Christopher loves to shop, hang out with friends and family and use social media. Christopher plans to go to law school in the fall of 2018. His ultimate goal is to one day be the President of the United States.

Anna Bate

DeMointé Wesley

Cougar Mover Crew Leader, Moody Towers

DeMointé Wesley is a senior English Literature and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies double major, with a minor in African American Studies. They are the former President of the Residence Halls Association, and have been a student leader within Student Housing and Residential Life for their entire undergraduate career. They are excited for this opportunity to serve the residents in a different capacity! They love reading, writing and singing. They are also a HUGE Beyoncé fanatic. When it comes to volunteering and customer service, DeMointé believes that the key to success is empathy. Their philosophy is that if we have empathy for those we are serving, everything else will follow.

Aundria Rogers

Deneshia Isaac

Cougar Mover Crew Leader, Cougar Village 2

Deneshia Isaac is a Public Health Major with a minor in Biology and will be starting her senior year this fall. After graduation she will attend pharmacy school ideally from UH College of Pharmacy's Doctorate of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Program here on campus. Deneshia is a proud member of Pre-Pharmacy Association (PPA) and the Urban Experience Program (UEP) here on campus. She is a product of Alief, born and raised in South West Houston. She is the youngest of 5 to a single mother. When she can find free time, away from studying, she loves to shop, listen and discover new music, taking long walks on the beach and spending time with her two small nieces. This will be Deneshia’s first time taking on the responsibility of a crew leader but she is up for a challenge!  

Hannah Jefferson

Cougar Mover Crew Leader, The Quadrangle

Hannah Jefferson is a Junior here at the University Houston, majoring in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Marketing. She transferred to UH last fall and has truly enjoyed her experiences and the new relationship she has developed. Hannah has aspirations to become a counselor and helping teenagers. She also wants to start her own businesses, and become an entrepreneur. When she's not focused on her studies here at the University she enjoys self education through business, playing basketball, and also playing video games. Hannah is extremely excited to be a Cougar Mover Crew Leader, and is excited for the opportunity."

Hilary Utaegbulam

Cougar Mover Crew Leader, Cougar Place

Hilary Utaegbulam is a sophomore Physics major at the University of Houston. He is Nigerian-American and has lived in Houston for the past 17 years. This will be his first year as a Cougar Mover Leader and he is excited to get to work! He is currently on pace to graduate with a Physics B.S. degree in the spring of 2020. He hopes to go to graduate school where he will hopefully study and maybe some day teach Astrophysics. Outside of science (physics), some of his loves include irony, humor, heartfelt friendship, basketball, rationality, eloquent books, eloquent people, stargazing, and the freedom to be an individual. Lastly, Hilary loves teaching and learning more and more about astronomy and he feels astronomy brings us a clear awareness of our place in the universe and challenges us to deal more carefully with each other and with the place we call home.



Sally Matoke

Cougar Mover Crew Leader, Calhoun Lofts

Sally Matoke is from Arlington, Texas, and is a senior studying biochemistry and chemistry. Upon graduation, she plans to go to pharmacy school and eventually open her own retail. She’s an active member and former assistant director of finance for the Metropolitan Volunteer Program. Within program row, she has helped plan numerous events across campus and Houston. On her downtime she loves to listen to music, shop, and explore the city and its vibrant food culture. Sally has worked with UH Housing for three years and is looking forward to being a Cougar Mover Crew Leader.