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Living Learning Programs

Living Learning Programs (LLPs) are communities where students with similar interests live and study together. They have access to faculty support and unique educational opportunities.

Why join a Living Learning Program?

  • Easier College Transition
  • Higher GPAs
  • Better Class Attendance
  • Greater Campus Involvement
  • Elevated Graduation Rates

What kinds of LLPs can I join at UH?

Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

Residential experience that offers students interested in a shared topic the opportunity to live together in a dedicated residential area. LLCs support high levels of interaction between students, increased interaction with faculty outside of the classroom, and increased opportunities to learn where you live such as a shared class on the given topic, study groups, and programming. Students must apply to live in LLCs and adhere to the requirements set within the community. Explore the different LLCs here.

Theme Communities 

Residential experience that offers students who have similar academic interests or lifestyle preferences the opportunity to live and study together. Theme Communities provide participating students with co-curricular activities that may be initiated and led by either students or by university faculty/staff. There is no application process or requirements for students in the Theme Communities, and students will self-assign to live in the Theme Communities by scrolling to the Living Learning Programs section on their MyHousing Portal when selecting a room. Explore the different theme communities here.