Cougar Village I Resident Advisor Rudy Peña is Going Places 

Rudy Peña, a Resident Advisor in Cougar Village I, was recently selected as a recipient of the Alliance Française scholarship.  Rudy was required to submit a personal statement explaining his desire to study abroad in France and why he would be a good candidate to receive these funds.  Additionally, he was required to interview in French with the Alliance Française scholarship panel. 

The scholarship will cover all expenses for Rudy’s study abroad experience this July. While abroad, he plans to study oral communication and French culture for four weeks in Angers, France in a faculty-led program with 24 UH students. Rudy says he is very excited about this opportunity and is looking forward to sharing his experiences with his residents. 

Rudy is a junior psychology major and plans to become a licensed psychologist. He believes this experience will “enhance [his] cultural empathy and allow [him] to practice this in future interactions with patients.”   

Rudy says he is most excited for the homestay component of the program.  

“For the four weeks that I am in France, I will be living with a local host family and the intimate rapport I will be able to have with my host family will provide progressive mastery of French as a language, as well as exposing me to Francophone culture through food and customs,” he said.  

Congratulations to Rudy on this accomplishment.