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SHRL Designated Isolation/Quarantine Spaces


The protocols below are in line with University of Houston COVID-19 Guidelines and are mandatory for all on-campus residents. Additional information can be found at

Note: As with all the guidance and protocols related to COVID-19, the University will adjust its guidance as necessary to reflect new information and findings.

To protect the safety and wellbeing of all residents living in our residence halls, it is strongly recommended that you return home or seek off-campus housing in the event of COVID-19 related self-quarantine or isolation.  

If you choose to stay on campus, you may be required to move to a designated isolation/ quarantine space on campus for a length of time depending on CDC Guidelines. For safety purposes, residents will arrange for the transportation of their own belongings.  

Can I leave my room if I choose to isolate/ self-quarantine on campus?  

No. If you have chosen to isolate/self-quarantine on campus, you must remain inside your space with the door closed for the entire duration of time. You must receive written approval to leave your room before resuming your normal school, work, and related activities.  

To receive written approval, complete the form Request to Return to Campus.  

Residents’ request to discontinue isolation or quarantine will be evaluated based on individual circumstances. These circumstances may be found here: 

Exceptions include urgent medical appointments and building emergencies.  

Can I remain in my SHRL designated isolation/ quarantine space after I am done self- quarantining / isolating? 

Residents who have been moved to another space outside their assigned room will be asked to return to their assigned housing space for the duration of the semester.  

What services will Student Housing and Residential Life provide to me during my time in Isolation/ Quarantine Housing? 

Services will be limited if you choose to stay on campus as you self-quarantine, or isolate. Student Housing and Residential Life staff will help coordinate services for you such as dining, mail/package delivery and garbage disposal. Residents will not have access to shared laundry rooms during their time in self-quarantine/isolation. Instructions will be provided on how to do laundry manually. Information about dining options can be found here