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Faculty In Residence Dinners

  fir dinner 3   

The Faculty in Residence (FIR) Sunday Night Dinners are a new and exciting initiative in Student Housing & Residential Life (SHRL) this year. Once a month, the FIRs have dinner with a small group of residents who have been nominated by their RAs to attend the dinners. During these dinners, the FIRs share their professional journeys and research with students in an intimate setting that allows students to ask questions and learn about topics ranging from the process of writing a dissertation to how to get more involved in politics. Some of the FIRs have even invited colleagues to attend these dinners, and this has given students the chance to better connect with professionals across campus in academic affairs. However, perhaps the most exciting result of the Sunday Night Dinners is that students have reported that they are more comfortable with approaching faculty members and asking for help when they need it in their classes after attending the dinners. Overall, Sunday Night Dinners has helped SHRL to contribute in a small but meaningful way to the success of the students who live on campus.