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Faculty In Residence - Dr. Lyle McKinney

Lyle Mckinney

Faculty in Residence The Quadrangle

Associate Professor and Program Director, Higher Education Leadership & Policy Studies

Department: Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

Hometown: Cordele, Georgia

Length at UH: 7 years

On Campus Residence: Quadrangle, Law Hall

Length as an FIR: 5 years

Why did you want to be a Faculty In Residence?: As someone who studies college student success, serving as an FIR has given me the opportunity to ‘practice what I preach’ in a sense. I viewed the FIR program as a way to have a greater impact on student success at UH. I teach in the Higher Education Leadership & Policy Studies program, which only has graduate-level programs. So I jumped at the opportunity to work more closely with our undergraduate student population.

The best part of living on campus: I feel like an integral part of the UH campus community as a direct result of living on campus. Being an FIR has allowed me to connect with students in ways that extend far beyond the classroom walls. The Quad residents and staff are truly amazing. Living on campus has been a life-changing experience and has given me a deeper appreciation for my role as a faculty member.

Classes Taught
CUST 6370: Cultural Foundations of American Education
CUST 8378: Current Issues in Education
CUST 8375: The History and Philosophy of Higher Education
ELCS 6336: The Two-Year College
ELCS 6338: American Higher Education
ELCS 6380: Educational Policy and Planning
ELCS 6393: Internship in Educational Leadership