Is worth joining?

We are often asked "Is worth joining?" and "Why is it worth joining?". benefits are extremely valuable for college students and beyond! We offer many benefits some of which are highlighted below, but there more to it. The Chapter network within allows members to interact and network with ambitious students and alumni, practice valuable leadership skills with hands on experience with chapter roles, and gives members a great opportunity for community service activities.

Our goal at is to help you build the necessary skills that will help in your future career and in life.

A complete list of benefits can be found here: Benefits, but we have listed some below

Branded Scholarships offers multi-level scholarships for different ranges of academic achievement. With rising tuition costs, scholarships provide much needed relief for students. Over $40,000 in scholarships have been awarded to our members in 2015. We offer exclusive scholarships including: Community Service, Grad Student Achievers, Study Abroad, Undergraduate Achievers, Emerging Leaders, Society Involvement, Core Values and more.

Exclusive Discounts

We provide dozens of exclusive member benefits tailored to your life including discounts on travel, health plans, dining, Uber, flowers, Greek Gear, textbooks and recreational activities. believes performing well as a leader, as a member of the community, and as an academic achiever deserves to be rewarded.

University Chapters has on-campus chapters to foster smaller, local communities focused on achieving their goals. campus chapters help build a vibrant academic community of high achievers on campuses across the United States. Members lead important initiatives and spearhead elevated discussion, networking and other events.

Career Tools

We offer priority admissions, internships through Dream Careers and Zappos, job search tools, and Vault Career Insider access. We help members build their personal brand through an online profile that showcases their talents to potential employers. The organization also has a job search feature, which allows you to search and filter over 16 million jobs.

Member Trips

Join members from around the nation to Los Angeles and Washington D.C. These trips are geared towards ambitious and adventurous individuals who want to network, have fun and make memories with Checkout our Washington DC highlight video from our 2015 trip!

Graduation and Regalia

Showcase your membership at graduation and gain recognition with exclusive regalia and member certification. Set yourself apart from the crowd with Honor Cords, and Medallions.

Please reach out to with any questions you might have becoming a member or how to best utilize our benefits!

Author: Honor Society Member Services