HonorSociety.org at University of Houston

HonorSociety.org - Strength and HonorWelcome to HonorSociety.org Chapter at the University of Houston!

HonorSociety.org is focused on helping people succeed by connecting members with the right people and opportunities to help them achieve their goals. In order to nurture those connections, HonorSociety.org introduced campus chapters at universities, like University of Houston, across the country as a way for members to receive an elevated member experience.

  • Chapters allow members to have an in-person support system that allow them to reach their goals and excel academically.
  • Members of chapters gain real-world leadership experience and are positive influences on campus and within their communities.
  • HonorSociety.org encourages its chapters to give back to their local community as well as providing service to those around the world by doing community service at least once per semester

Author: Honor Society Member Services