UH Honor Society Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the following students who have recently been chosen as recipients of Honor Society Scholarships!

  • Member Spotlight Scholarship: Angela Medvedeva - Class of 2016

  • Community Service Scholarship: Quinashai Watts - Class of 2016

  • Study Abroad Scholarship: Nnenna Umelloh - Class of 2018

  • Emerging Leader Scholarship: Nnenna Umelloh - Class of 2018

To learn more about our scholarships and for how to apply, visit us at: https://www.honorsociety.org/scholarships.

Honor Society Scholarships:

$1,000 Community Service Scholarship

$2,000 Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship

$2,000 Graduate Achiever Scholarship

$1,000 Emerging Leaders Scholarship

$1,000 Society Involvement Scholarship

$1,000 Core Values Scholarship

$2,000 Member Spotlight Scholarship

$1,000 Study Abroad Scholarship

Author: Honor Society Member Services