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Ethnic Based Scholarships

ACS Scholars - scholarships for African American, Hispanic, and American Indian Chemical Science Students 

Accredited Schools Online College Scholarship Guide - This site features a comprehensive guide to minority scholarships

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants - funding for minorities in accounting

APSANET Minority Undergraduate Fellowships - funding for students in political science for Ph.D.; minority students

Association on American Indian Affairs - funding for American Indians and Alaskan natives - Financial information for Hispanic students

Catching the Dream Scholarship - Native American funding for the sciences

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholarship - scholarships for Latino students with excellent leadership potential 

Educators for Fair Consideration - site lists scholarships and resources available for undocumented students - site lists resources for those who are (or want to be) the first in their family to attend college 

Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships for Minorities - PhD in variety of disciplines

Frugal Dad - a $5,000 scholarship based on academic achievement and the quality of the application.

Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students - supports public service, undergraduate and graduate students who are members of minority groups

Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) - supports Hispanics; business, misc.

HRSA for Disadvantaged Students - provides scholarships to students in health professions and nursing programs from disadvantaged backgrounds

HSF/McNamara Family Creative Arts Project - supports Hispanic students in arts and humanities

La Unidad Latina Foundation - scholarships for Hispanic students - scholarships for students in the field of psychology

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services - supports doctoral students in the field of substance abuse treatment or prevention

MoneyGeek - scholarships, grants & resources for minority students

NAACP - scholarships for African American students

NABA - scholarships for African American students in accounting

NACME - scholarships for African American, American Indian and Latino women and men in engineering and technology, math- and science-based careers

NIAF - scholarships for Italian Americans and students studying Italian

NIH for Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds - funding for students to pursue educational and career opportunities in biomedical, behavioral and social science health-related research

NPSC - funding for Ph.D. in sciences and engineering, minorities and women - listing of grants, internships, and scholarships for Native American students

Udall - Native American undergraduate funding for sophomores and juniors pursuing a career related to the environment or related to tribal public policy

UNCF - Merck - supports hard sciences interested in biomedical career; juniors; African Americans

WINS - Washington Internship for Native American students, summer programs in science and other fields

Xerox - technical scholarship for minority students


If you have any questions, or would like more information on these awards please contact Dr. Jennifer Asmussen at the Office of Undergraduate Research.