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Undergraduate Research Travel Fellowship


The Office of Undergraduate Research’s Undergraduate Research Travel Fund supports undergraduate students from the University of Houston in enhancing their academic development, disseminating their research results, and increasing the visibility of the institution by supporting undergraduate student travel at national and international conferences. The travel funding is intended for undergraduates presenting the results of their research or creative activities at meetings for a national or international audience within their academic discipline. 

Complete the 2019-2020 Travel Grant Application.

Nature of Support

  • The maximum amount of each individual travel award is $750.00. There is not an exception to this amount for foreign travel. Only the most economical fares are eligible for this program and students may not receive more than the state approved per diem rate for lodging and meals.
  • Since this travel allotment may not fund all the costs incurred through traveling, applicants are encouraged to seek additional funding through research grants, conference travel award programs, and inquire through their faculty mentor and department chair about other potential funding resources that may be available.  
  • Eligible travel expenses include registration fees, airfare, ground transportation, lodging, and meals.
  • The fund is not intended to replace support for undergraduate student travel from existing sources (e.g., contracts and grants, and current policies or practices for travel support within colleges or departments). The intent is to increase the number of students that are presenting, performing, or exhibiting at national and international conferences.  

Qualifying Venues

  • An award may be allocated only if the student is presenting his or her research or creative work at a qualifying venue.  
  • Qualifying venues include regular or annual meetings of a national (U.S. or another country's national society) or international professional society; or quadrennial (or otherwise periodically occurring) international congresses that are sponsored by a number of national professional societies. Professional societies are usually defined as those that collect dues, have elected officers, and may have published journals or other outlets for scholarly work. Qualifying venues may also include meetings sponsored by a government agency or industrial society if the meetings are of an academic nature and take place annually or biennially; and juried competitions of a national or international scope that are held regularly.  
  • Funds are not to be allocated to attend special meetings or meetings of special interest groups.

Applicant Eligibility

  • Only undergraduate students at UH main campus are eligible to receive funding from this program.
  • For presentation of collaborative research which involve multiple students, only the presenting undergraduate student may be supported.  In special cases (e.g., duet performances), this limitation may be waived upon recommendation of the faculty advisor contingent upon available funding.
  • Students who have previously been awarded an Undergraduate Research Travel Fellowship are not eligible for funding to attend a second conference. However, if a student believes they have a compelling reason why they should receive additional funding, then they should contact the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Documentation Required

The application must include the following:

    1. Abstract that was submitted to sponsoring organization (200 words)
    2. Letter of recommendation from UH Faculty mentor
    3. Acceptance letter from sponsoring organization

If awarded, you will receive instructions regarding how you will recieve your funding.

After the conference, you will be required to submit the following in order to process your reimbursement a two-page report, which should include information on your experience presenting and traveling. This write-up may be used in marketing materials to publicize the travel experience.

Application Process and Deadlines

  • Applications must be approved by the appropriate department chair or equivalent, and will be reviewed for final approval by the committee appointed by the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Research. Applicants must download the application, complete it electronically, print a hardcopy, and then the student applicant, faculty mentor and department chair (or equivalent) must sign it.  Signed application forms and supporting documentation should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Research in Room 212W in The Honors College, or by an electronic pdf. to prior to the deadline.
  • Applications must be received no later than 30 days prior to travel.

Decision Process

  • A selection committee appointed by the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Research will review requests for support to ensure conformance to the guidelines, and if funding is available, will normally approve those applications that adhere to the guidelines. Note that the committee will not be reviewing the papers or posters themselves; the peer-review process of the appropriate meetings and the approval processes within the colleges are assumed to have done that work.  In case there are more qualifying requests than available funds, the committee will utilize more stringent criteria.
  • Once an application has been approved, no substitutions will be allowed; if an undergraduate student wishes to use the program’s funds to support a presentation other than the one for which the original application was submitted, he or she must submit an entirely new application. If the student applicant is unable to travel after the funding has been approved, substituting a new student for the same presentation is not allowed; a new application must be submitted.  

Two-Page Report Required Post-Travel

  • The student recipient is required to submit a two-page report upon return, which should include information on his or her experience presenting and attending the conference. In the essay, the student should describe how attending and presenting at the meeting helped them develop skills in one or more of the following areas: problem solving, effective communication, teamwork, cultural competency, social responsibility, and/or ethical decision making.
  • This write-up may be used in marketing materials to publicize the travel experience. Photos of the student presenting are strongly encouraged for marketing purposes.