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Creating Your Research Poster

Creating Your Research Poster

How to Design a Better Research Poster: Sample

Poster Templates in PowerPoint

Please do not move or resize the logos in the templates. 

PowerPoint Poster Setup

Should you choose not to use the above templates, here are the instructions for setting up your poster in PowerPoint:

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Select New Presentation.
  3. Go to File.
  4. Select Page Setup.
  5. Set Width to 40 inches.
  6. Set Height to 36 inches.
  7. Click OK. Your poster is now in landscape mode.
  8. In Format, choose the desired Font, Slide Background and Theme Colors for your poster.
  9. Go to Insert.
  10. Select Text Box.

This will enable you to include all of the required sections for your poster.

University Logos
Log in here with your CougarNet ID for high-resolution, approved University of Houston logos:

When using the University of Houston logo on your poster, you must secure University Marketing's approval to ensure the appropriate logo is displayed. To secure approval, email UH Branding, branding@CENTRAL.UH.EDU .

Proofreading Your Research Poster
  1. Confirm poster is well organized and easy to read
  2. Check for spelling and grammatical errors
  3. Check each text box to ensure there are no typos or overlapping of text and boxes
  4. Confirm there are no pixelated images
  5. Confirm all collaborators and supporters of project have been identified
  6. Confirm all references and citations have been noted
Contact the Office of Undergraduate Research and Major Awards if you have any additional questions about developing a research poster or the materials on this webpage.