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Featured Research Opportunities


The UHAND (University of Houston / M.D. Anderson Cancer Center) Program combines community outreach and cutting-edge research to develop solutions to reduce the risk of cancer in minority communities. UHAND is committed to prevention efforts that reduce social and physical cancer risk factors. The UHAND program provides UH undergraduate and graduate students an educational, community engagement and research experience that includes: specialized training in health disparities, professional and leadership development and research experience with experts in cancer disparities.

The UHAND Program is not currently accepting applications from UH undergraduate and graduate students, but you are welcome to reach out with questions to prepare for the February 2021 deadline. The deadline is to submit the application and supplementary materials (recommendation letters, personal statements, etc.).

Cancer Research Education Program at UH and Baylor College of Medicine: Are you interested in cancer health disparity research? Would you like to participate in a cancer drug discovery / development laboratory research to tackle cancers with disparity? Would you like to learn about various career opportunities in cancer research and cancer health disparity research? Cancer affects all ethnic populations in the United States. But certain groups have disproportionate risk of incidence or death from cancer compared with other groups. Students interested in these questions are encouraged to send a brief description of their interest in any of the above areas (indicate all that are applicable) with your CV to Ms. Rontavia Sanders at This opportunity is a joint program sponsored by the University of Houston College of Pharmacy-Dan L. Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center at Baylor College of Medicine.