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Benefits of Being an Honors College Student

Honors College students enjoy several benefits and amenities, including:

  • Specialized Classes for all Majors: We offer a range of Honors-designated classes with limited enrollment that encourage stimulating discussions and interactions.

  • Priority Registration: Every semester, our students are the first to register for classes, ensuring that they enroll in the classes they want.

  • Accessible Faculty/Staff: Honors College faculty and staff practice an open-door policy, making them readily available for one-on-one interactions with students.

  • Student Community: Club Theater, French Film Society, HealthNovations, Movie Night, Coffee House, Retreat, Model Arab League, tailgating and museum trips are just a few of the many social organizations and activities that build community beyond the classroom.

  • Office of Undergraduate Research and Major Awards: Housed in the Honors College, this program assists students with securing practical research and internship opportunities.

  • Distinction: The Honors College is designed to complement any field of study so that every student has the opportunity to be recognized with special distinction at graduation.

  • And more! With computer labs, study areas, lounges, scholarships, reserved residence halls, access to special study abroad opportunities, and individualized orientation and advising sessions, the Honors College offers all these generous amenities and more!