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Medical Historian Helen Valier on H1N1 Outbreak

The Honors College's very own Dr. Helen Valier, a medical historian and Coordinator of the College's Medicine & Society minor, was tapped for her expertise regarding pandemics throughout history. Dr. Valier teaches The Medicine and Society course each semester and is the author, along with John V. Pickstone, of Community, Professions and Business: A History of the Central Manchester Teaching Hospitals and the National Health Service. Dr. Valier's current book project is a USA-UK comparison of cancer research and treatment policy since 1945, the research for which makes extensive use of archives in the Houston area.

Fox 26 Morning News interviewed Dr. Valier in early August, regarding the most recent swine flu/H1N1 outbreaks and how such outbreaks affect public health policy. See the full interview at the Fox 26 site.